Yin & Somatics: Practices for Regeneration.

Yin is simple. Minimalistic. An intentional practice of embodiment designed to draw the focus away from the clutter of the mind into the deeper currents of subtle energy flow. Space to digest, to grow still and to re-evaluate what it means to “advance your practice”. It invites you to resist the allure of always pushing for “more”.

Somatics are considered and connecting. Humble practices that draw movements back to their most minute beginnings in order to address imbalance and compensation at their core. They ask us to settle, and sense deeply what it means to be in the constant flux and demand of our environment. 

Together they allow our systems to settle so that true cellular, neurological and deep tissue restoration can occur. 

This 4 part, 60hour Yoga Alliance accredited training is delivered over 4 weekends and 4 key areas of focus;

  1. The evolution, form and function of the spine and nervous system.

  2. The construction of the subtle body from the viewpoint of Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine & modern psychophysiology.

  3. Yoga practice and the elements in relation to the changing of the seasons.

  4. Sequencing & Sutra. Integrating Practice.