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YogaTherapies creates and curates dedicated space to offer a diverse array of classes from teachers that truly embody their teaching.

We are passionate about sharing the transformative practices of Yoga in a way that is truly accessible to all and that reaches far beyond the mat.


151 Trees

planted by YogaTherapies members since January 2019.

"breathing life into your neighbourhood"


YogaTherapies is passionate about supporting sustainable, positive change in the environment around us and are proud to work with a variety of local and national charities;

As part of our commitment to respect and nurture the natural world, Yoga Therapies is proud to be partnering with Trees for Cities, a London-based charity dedicated to creating healthier and more sustainable cities by planting trees in the UK and abroad.
— Chris

By joining Yoga Therapies as a full-time member, a proportion of your membership is donated to Trees for Cities each month, which will go directly towards the planting and maintenance of urban trees helping to transform urban environments and improve lives in cities across the UK.